VoIP Requirements List - what is required for voip

VoIP technology will transform your life. It will enable maximum connection with your friends and family members. And it is not difficult to use.
There are certain requirements that have to be done before you can utilize the VoIP service.

1 -Broadband internet access

The first and a very important one is broadband Phone internet access. This is important because it will give you a speedy access to the medium that you are going to use to connect with your friends and family members. A multiple channel connection with bandwidth greater than 0.5 Mbps or 512 kbps. The link you choose will depend upon availability, your budget and the amount of telephone traffic you anticipate.

2- VoIP adapter

The second requirement is a standard phone with a special VoIP adapter that will convert your phone to VoIP phone. Alternatively, you may want to buy a specialized VoIP phone that does not require any additional adapter. Or a computer that features a microphone , or a specialized phone.

3- Router

The third requirement is a router, if you don't already have one with you broadband connection. You can manage without a router if you connect directly with the LAN.

4- VoIP provider

An account with a VoIP provider: You must sign up with a company like NetAppel that provides real-time, two-way voice communication using the Internet protocol.