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Many people have heard about games for their mobile phones and have mobile_games_imagesthought about trying some out. Gamers from around the globe downloaded over 10 million games from MobileRated in 2007, up from a mere 200 thousand games in 2006. The rate of growth continues unabated so far in 2008 with over 2 million downloads in January alone.
Nowadays, with a mere click of the mouse, you can download free java games for mobile from the on-line sites and can become a proud owner of that mobile game.
Usually most of the mobile games have been downloaded through the radio network of the concerned operators. Platforms are very essential to develop mobile games. Java was the only platform for most of the mobile games. Some of the widely popular platforms are listed below:
• Windows Mobile
• Palm OS
• Symbian OS
• DoCoMo's DoJa
• Macromedia's Flash Lite
• WIPI etc.
Numerous types of Mobile games are available, some of them are:
1. Multiplayer Mobile Phone Games
2. Hindi Mobile Phone Games
3. Puzzle Games for Mobile
4. Action Mobile Phone Game
5. Fun Mobile Games
While OTA is the typical way to download a game directly to your mobile phone, you can also download a game to your computer first and from there download it to your mobile phone without using the mobility network. You require either a wireless connection between your computer and your phone, or you require a data cable to connect the two devices together. The former may involve Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or infrared (IR); the cable may come with your phone (several Nokia phones do this) or you may have to order one.
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