Cheap International calls via the Internet

Reducing the cost of international calls is a concern for many people who have friends or family in another country. Stay close to those who matter most can be costly if they are located internationally, but we do not want with the money to stand in the way of keeping in touch with friends and family .

So how to make long distance calls with lows rate ?

it may be time to turn to the internet for help, With technology VoIP It’s possible to make free calls (pc to phone or pc to pc) or cheap international calls via the Internet , with internet phone calls you can up to 90% cheaper than BT.

if you loking for alternative cheap international calls service providers to make long distance calls for the most popular destination in the world at lowest possible rates. this a good guide to help you for to choose the best offer.

Cheap Calls from a Landline Phone

Amazingly, in some cases it can be cheaper to use an over-ride telecom provider to make an international call from your landline phone than it is to phone using any other method including VoIP. For example, it's more expensive to call Australia using Skype (on pay-as-you-go) than if you call from a landline phone in the UK using Telediscount.

Using an over-ride provider is ideal for those people without computers and therefore unable to access cheaper VoIP rates. In many cases the over-ride provider has a deal with the dominant telecom company and the cost of your call will be included in your standard telephone bill. If not, you will need to purchase credit first in order to make a call.

If there is no over-ride provider based in your country with competitive prices, you can still make cheap international calls from a landline phone. There are phone service providers that allow you to initiate a phone call online, thereby accessing cheap VoIP rates. You need to enter both your own phone number and the destination number; the online telephone provider will then connect the two numbers and call your phone. When you pick up, you're connected.

How to Make Cheap Mobile Calls

Many of the over-ride providers that offer cheap calls from landline phones also include the same service when dialling from a cell phone - the call rates aren't quite as cheap, but are significantly cheaper than your mobile phone provider would charge.

One of the most flexible options for making cheap (and in some cases free) calls from your mobile phone is to download VoIP software to your mobile. Services such as voipcheap offer just that, and once you've downloaded their software, you can dial directly from your mobile using VoIP rather than your mobile network provider's service. The software is free to download and instantly gives you access to cheap international mobile phone calls.

As an incentive, many voip Software to Downloads for PC and Mobile phone give you free minutes when you subscribe. I've recently taken advantage of 300 free minutes per week of free Calling signing up with NetAppel.