How to MMS messaging on Nokia 900

The Nokia N900 brings the power of computer to mobile devices. It’s a high performance mobile computer with advanced Maemo 5 software on Linux.
This recent mobile phones range medium-high which have been launched to the market does not support MMS (multimedia messaging), here is a guide for all users who wish to send a mms with nokia.

1. Install fAPN to add GPRS APN, since n900 will only allow you to add wifi.
2. Open fAPN
3. Hit add new APN
4. Enter desired name then hit add
5. Go to settings
6. Internet Connections
7. Connections
8. Highlight the new APN then hit edit then next
9. Access point name: and leave the rest blank
10. Hit next
11. Hit advanced
12. Use proxy: true
HTTP proxy:
Port number: 8080
Automatic configuration: true
Web address:
13. Hit save then finish
14. Then I installed fMMS
15. Open fMMS
16.APN: choose the one that you just added
Resize image width: 300
Your phone number: your own phone number
17. Hit save.

Nokia N900: Full fMMS (0.6/0.7) Walkthrough - Send & Receive