Manual configuration MMS in LG KP500

Here's how to do it for configuration MMS in Lg KP500:

1. Select the Menu tab
2. Go to the Settings tab
3. Select Connectivity
4. Select Access Points
5. Add / modify the following fields
Connection name: MMS LUXGSM
Authentication: PAP
Username: mms
Password: mms
6. Select Save
7. Select Back 1 time
8. Select the Internet Profile
9. Select Add new profile
10. Add / modify the following fields
Service Title: MMS LUXGSM
IP Address: 194,154,192,088
Access point: select MMS LUXGSM
Proxy Port: 8080
11. Select Save
12. Return to main menu
13. Select Messaging
14. Select Message Settings
15. Select MMS
16. Select MMS Center
17. Select Add center
18. Add / modify the following fields
Internet profile: Select LUXGSM
19. Return to main menu

Your device is now configured for MMS Service

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