How to Use Twitter with Your Cell Phone

Twitter is a free social networking site and micro-blogging service where you can send and read updates messages or "tweets" to the site through various methods including through the website itself (, IM, cell phone or a third-party program. Your updates are broadcast to everyone or just to your circle of friends. Your cell phone can be used as a Twitter tool. This can be extremely handy for you and everyone who follows your Twitter. Your cell phone can help you to stay in touch, both tweeting and being tweeted. You can also receive your updates via SMS on your Mobile phone.

Here's how to use Twitter with your mobile phone

Step 1
Go to and Join Twitter for free if If you have not yet a Twitter account

Step 2
Go to the "Settings" link on the top of the page.

Step 3
Select the "Phone & IM" link on this page

Step 4
enter your cell phone number in the text box and hit the "Save" button . Don't forget to put a +1 before the area code to specify that your phone is in the United States. If you wish to receive updates on your cell phone from Twitter, check the box next to "It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone. Std. rates apply."
If you're outside the US, precede your phone number with a "+" and your country code.

Step 5
Wait for Twitter to send you a sms saying "That worked! What are you doing now?"

Step 6
Update Twitter by sending text messages from your cell phone when you're on the road, riding mass transit, waiting at the doctor's office, or whenever you're away from the computer. If you opted to receive updates, you'll get text messages from Twitter whenever your friends send their updates.

There is a variety of different software than you must install and use twitter client on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android (G1), Palm Pre, Treo and other smartphones including other mobile phones. which allows you to Twitter using your cell phone. The type of cell phone you use may affect which programs are available to you, but there are a lot of choices: Jott, Hahlo, Mobile Twitter, Thin Cloud Twitter, Twitter to Go, Twitter SMS, Twitter IM, and Twoble are available for different types of cell phone – and all can get you ready to tweet merrily away on your phone!

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