How To send or recive MMS message on BlackBerry Smartphones

If you have a blackberry you can send or receive MMS messages that contain media files such as .jpg, .gif, .wbmp, .midi, .vcf (vCard®), .ics (iCalendar), .avi, .mpg, or .mov files.

How to Send an MMS message with blackberry ?

Depending on your wireless service plan, this feature might not be supported.
1. In a message list, press the key.
2. Click Compose MMS.
3. Perform one of the following actions:
• If the contact is not in your contact list, click [Use Once]. Click Email or Phone. Type an email address or an MMS phone number.
• If the contact is in your contact list, click a contact. Click an email address or MMS phone number.
4. select the media file you want to send > Press the BlackBerry key, click Send.

Video : How to attach a media file to an MMS message

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