How to send MMS on iPhone 3G OS 3.0

If you want to To send MMS on iPhone OS 3.0 to cell phones, e-mail the mms from iPhone to other cell phones. here is simple How to guide.

If you have not iphone 3G and you try to send mms on another version of iphone, please check this post How to Send MMS on iphone

Step to step procedures to send MMS & 3G Tethering On iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build 7A341

1. Download and install iTunes 8.20.13 (Download Windows Version from here )
2. Run iTunes and Press shift + restore and locate iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build: 7A341. When restore is completed sync the iPhone.
4. Now Uninstalled iTunes 8.20.13 reboot your pc.
5. Download and install iTunes 8.20.10 (download Windows Version from here )
6. Reboot your pc.
7. Download ATT_US.ipcc from here
8. Run iTunes & Shift+Update. Locate ATT_US.ipcc & Click ok.
9. Restart your iPhone & Enjoy MMS & 3G Tethering.
Please Note: This guide is only applicable for Windows Users and iPhone users with AT&T network.

Video Enable MMS for T-Mobile on unlocked iPhone 3G on 3.0 OS Without Any Applications