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With the increase in the usage of monophonic and polyphonic ringtones, and with the ever-increasing demand for more ringtones, many portals and Web sites started to provide such tones online. Initially, most of the sites charged for the ringtones, or had a catch involved. But people wanted more and more for free, thus the concept of free downloadable ringtones for cell phones was born.
Today, there are hundreds and thousands of sites providing all kinds of ringtones. This includes all types of songs, instrumentals, latest releases, dialogues, religious chants, ethnic songs and much more. Most of the free downloadable ringtones available today are in the WAV, MIDI or MP3 formats. If you download free video ringtones, they come in the very small packages of the .3GP format.
Fortunately, there are still a certain number of options to get 100% free ringtones, explained in the pages below. Infrared transfer, Bluetooth, Memory card transfer or USB cable can all allow free ringtone download from a computer to a cell phone.
The ability to download totally free ringtones also depends on the capabilities of your phone. If you can connect it to your PC by data cable, bluetooth or infrared then there are a number of places you can get suitable files for ringtones from for free. With MP3s becoming a norm for ringtones, the possibilities have expanded further. However, it is important to be sure the site you download ringtones from is a secure site that you trust. Some sites are run by malicious coders who include spyware and viruses with the ringtones, which are two things nobody wants for free.
If you're looking for truly free polyphonic ringtones, here is our selection of our best free polyphonic ringtones and the best sites to download free ringtones.

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