How to make free international call on iPhone with tuitalk

With tuitalk you can make free calls from your iPhone or iPod touch, really free. And to prove it, we never ask for your credit card information, because we are not going to charge you, not today and not tomorrow. So, keep your credit card information safe and save your money by making.

Advantages to use Tuitalk on iphone ?

images-tuitalk-iphone- Make free phone calls on your iPhone and iPod touch!
- Turn your iPone3G into a free phone.
- Free phone calls to over 40 countries from anywhere in the world (with Internet access).
- Free mobile-to-mobile & mobile-to-landline phone calls, to over 40 Tuitalk Countries.
- Just watch a short video ad and make free international & domestic phone calls.
- All calls are sponsored by advertisers.

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