How to send a picture to a cell phone from a Computer

This is how do I send a picture from your laptop or home computer to your cell phone or to one of your friends .

Step 1
Open your email application on your pc (or if web based, go there. Compose your message and insert the picture. Make sure the picture is small or it may not send or load correctly, get it down to at least a 640×480 max size.

Step 2
As a matter of fact, you can send free messages to a cell phone from your e-mails although the message receiver has to pay the regular fee for the text message. You can just e-mail the cell phone using the following as the address for different cell phone carriers:
* T-Mobile:
* Virgin Mobile:
* AT&T for SMS, for MMS
* Sprint:
* Verizon: for SMS:,
for MMS:
* Nextel:
If you don't know the phone carrier for the cell phone number, you can try teleflip, a free universal service.

All you have to do is enter the phone number in the email address. For example
Use the list below as a reference:
US Based Carriers:
Alltel =
Amp'd Mobile =
AT&T =
Boost Mobile =
Centennial Wireless = (added by kcirrab-this is accurate for i have centennial)
Cingular (AT&T) =
Einstein PCS =
Nextel =
Sprint = or
T-Mobile =
US Cellular =
Verizon Wireless =
Virgin Mobile =
Foreign Carriers:
Aruba setar =
Bell Canada:
Cellcom =
Digicel Aruba =
Digicel Curacao=
Digicel Barbados=
Digicel Bonaire=
Digicel Cayman=
Digicel Grenada=
Digicel St. Lucia=
Digicel St. Vincent=
Fido =
Rogers Wireless (Canada) =
Suncom =
3 River Wireless =
Advantage Communications =
Airtouch Pagers =
Airtouch Pagers =
Airtouch Pagers =
Airtouch Pagers =
Alltel =
Alltel PCS = xx

Step 3
Continued below:
Ameritech Paging =
Ameritech Paging =
Ameritech Clearpath =
Amp'd Mobile = Arch Pagers (PageNet) =
Arch Pagers (PageNet) =
Arch Pagers (PageNet) =
AT&T Pocketnet PCS =
Beepwear =
Bell Atlantic =
Bell South (Blackberry) =
Bell South =
Bell South =
Bell South =
Carolina Mobile Communications =
Cellular One East Coast =
Cellular One South West =
Cellular One PCS =
Cellular One =
Cellular One =
Cellular One =
Cellular One =
Cellular One =
Cellular One =
Cellular South =
Central Vermont Communications =
Cingular Wirelss =
Cingular Wirelss =
Cingular Wirelss =
Clearnet =
Comcast =
Communication Specialists =
Communication Specialist Companies
Cook Paging =
Digi-Page / Page Kansas =
GrayLink / Porta-Phone =
Houston Cellular =
Infopage Systems
The Indiana Paging Co
JSM Tele-Page
Lauttamus Communication =
MCI Phone =
Metrocall =
Metrocall 2-way =
Mobilecomm =
Morris Wireless =
Motient =
Nextel =
Nextel = xxxxxxxx

Step 4
Remember the person your are sending MMS pictures to will most likely be charged for receiving pictures and/or messages, unless they have an unlimited service plan.